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Massage & Cupping

Best massage I’ve ever had! It was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much! -Y. H.


Michaela is amazing! She is always gracious, professional and caring. Giving you a great experience is important to her. She is very receptive to feedback and will help tailor the perfect massage for you. I feel incredible after every session. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment! -Andrew C.

All I can say is Wow. I came to Michaela short notice and she was glad to accommodate. I had a great experience and let me tell you I've never had a more therapeutic massage anywhere. I have pain from a pinched nerve in my neck which radiates to my shoulder and arm and granted it couldn't be resolved on one visit but I definitely feel a significant improvement. I already booked a follow up. She really knows what she is doing. Glad I found her. -Alex S.

Michaela gives a unique and personal experience. I felt that all of my needs were thoroughly addressed and she included many thoughtful touches that enhanced the overall experience. I felt great afterwards and well taken care of throughout. I would highly recommend!! -Io H.

Michaela was excellent! She focused on the areas where I had asked for help. She stretched my legs, back and arms while keeping in the flow of the massage. Michaela is confident in her approach and it put me at ease. I will definitely be going for return appointments. -Scot R.

Having Michaela as a central part of my healing journey is a blessing. I’m recovering from a back injury, and her thorough questions about my progress and needs transfer to each of our sessions. Personable, attentive, and acutely aware of both my verbal and physical response to her healing practice, I would recommend Michaela to anyone who’s searching for pain relief, or simply an intuitive, amazing massage. Your body and mind will feel spectacular following a session with Michaela. -Michael F.

Amazing. Both times I have visited she has taught me something new that I can be doing on my own to help relieve tension and pain I have. I feel like she cares about my well being! -Spencer R.

Absolutely the best massage I have ever had. I loved the use of hot towels during the massage.
-Penny S.


Working with her has been wonderful! She has a gift for explaining complex things in a simple, digestible way. She’s kind, understanding, and so warm and easy to talk to. Her readings are spot on, and so in depth while providing a beautifully framed approach to my chart, to transits impacting what I’ve experienced or felt, and makes deliberate and welcoming space for questions and experience. Easily one of the best readings I’ve ever had, and I’m a repeat client of hers any day. Please, get a reading from her. It’ll change your life! -Sam B.

She was great! Came with a birth chart for everyone at the party and was so soothing and relaxing. Will hire her again! -Catherine G.

Best birthday reading I've ever had! She went over the energy of my next year, important dates & answered all of my questions. She's funny and clear and has a gift for making complex astrology terms understandable. I'm looking forward to my summer horoscope and next years birthday reading! -Lexi C.


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