Cupping is gentle yet super effective at releasing old adhesions from injury or accident. Excellent when nothing else will release tight muscles. Recommended for athletes looking to increase range of motion & improve performance. Helps support faster recovery from surgery and athletic recovery. Also great for people with occupational pain from deskwork to construction. Also helps relieve: sciatica & nerve pain, resurface scar tissue, headache/migraine relief & prevention, digestive support, aids in detoxification & cleanses. May also be used cosmetically to temporarily body sculpt & face lift.

Vacuum pressure lifts your skin & the tissues below, releasing knots & tension, reducing cellulite, promoting circulation & clearing stagnation. Cupping has the aesthetic effects of lifting & firming skin which is especially noticeable on the neck & face. Beneath the surface, your body is better able to self-heal & regulate after a cupping session.

  • Skin strength & appearance

  • Digestion

  • Pain in joints & muscles

  • Pain in nervous system

  • Immune & lymphatic systems 

  • Athletic recovery

  • Reproductive health

  • Surgery preparation & recovery

Cupping Heals & Improves

  • Post cancer recovery from radiation, chemotherapy & surgeries

  • Frozen shoulder & limited range of motion

  • Aids cleanses

  • Removes toxins & cellular waste

  • General wellness & more!

Absolutely the best massage I have ever had. I loved the use of hot towels during the massage.


Jennifer C.

Michaela was really lovely. Very sweet, professional and empathetic. I could tell it was important for her not to just give a service but provide an entire relaxing and healing experience. She checked in a lot to make sure i was okay and asked a lot of questions. She even offered to give me referrals for other massage therapists in case she hadn’t been my exact style or needs. Even after one session I saw improvement in my back pain, which is what I had gone in for. Will definitely be going back.