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Michaela Baird
Holistic Healer

Michaela Massage Therapist

Hello and a warm welcome to my world of holistic healing. I'm Michaela, and since 2017, I've been dedicated to serving my community through the transformative power of Reiki, astrology, therapeutic massage and cupping. My passion lies in helping others find relief from pain and overcome life's obstacles. At the heart of my practice is the belief that every individual is unique, and that's why I tailor each session to your specific needs. My goal is not just to provide immediate relief but to empower you with the tools for lasting well-being. 

My service pricing can be found here. Below is information on massage, cupping, Reiki and astrology. To read testimonials click here.


My journey into the world of massage therapy began in my early years, sharing intimate moments of healing touch with my mother. These early experiences ignited a passion within me for the profound impact of therapeutic touch. I can still vividly recall the calming back rubs she would lovingly administer, guiding me into peaceful slumber. On Saturday mornings, after her invigorating fitness classes, I eagerly took on the role of her 'back-walker,' using my feet to gently compress her tired muscles. These moments of connection and care laid the foundation for my lifelong devotion to the art of healing touch.

Today, I continue to 'walk'—or more precisely, apply Ashiatsu and Thai techniques—on my mother's back. My commitment to learning and growth in this field is unwavering. I am endlessly fascinated by Eastern philosophies and modalities, and I eagerly seek out new techniques to enhance my practice, whether driven by my curiosity or inspired by specific client needs. My journey has led me to explore a diverse array of specialties, from headache/migraine &TMJD relief, lymphatic drainage, medicupping, athletic preparation & recovery, addressing myofascial layers in the neck, low back, feet, & hands. I have also delved into the realms of treating fibromyalgia, scoliosis, prenatal massage, Thai yoga, shiatsu/pressure points, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, and, most notably, my personal favorite, Ashiatsu deep tissue massage.

I am excited to share my passion and expertise with you, offering a comprehensive range of therapeutic techniques to enhance your well-being and provide the ultimate massage experience.


Cupping therapy is a gentle yet highly effective method for addressing persistent adhesions resulting from injuries or repeated use. It's a game-changer when traditional methods fall short in releasing tight muscles.


Athletes seeking improved range of motion, enhanced performance, pushing past plateaus, and recovery will find cupping particularly beneficial.

Cupping also aids those who need surgery by healing and preparing tissues, reducing recovery time, aiding in the removal of by products from anesthia and medications that were unable to be processed by the kidneys and liver, and generally improving the lymphatic and immune systems.

This versatile technique is equally valuable for individuals dealing with occupational pain, whether from deskwork or strenuous physical labor. Cupping can provide relief from various conditions, including sciatica, nerve pain, scar tissue, headaches, migraines, and digestive disorders. It's a powerful tool for detoxification, promoting circulation, and clearing stagnant energy.

 The aesthetic benefits are notable, with skin appearing lifted and firmer, particularly on the neck and face. Cellulite and lines from restrictive clothing can be smoothed out. 

Beneath the surface, cupping therapy supports your body's innate self-healing and regulatory mechanisms, empowering you to maintain optimal health and well-being.


This profound Japanese healing and relaxation practice, serves as a transformative journey toward recognizing and releasing energy blockages that may hinder your well-being. This ancient art encourages the removal of stagnant energy, making way for rejuvenation and replenishment with vibrant new energy. At its core, Reiki serves as a conduit for you to connect with your higher self and inner guidance.

Reiki is a holistic modality that addresses every facet of your being, encompassing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. By harmonizing and integrating your energy, it empowers you to achieve balance and holistic wellness.

Ideal for a multitude of purposes, Reiki excels in inducing deep relaxation and providing respite from the burdens of life's stressors. It's a powerful tool for delving into the root causes of pain and discomfort, aiding in the removal of unwanted energy that may have accumulated in your system, and quieting the mind while opening the heart to profound inner peace.

In my practice, I infuse Reiki with the wisdom of herbs and the spirit of animals, creating a unique and tailored experience for each individual. Sessions are thoughtfully designed based on your specific needs, healing goals, and what will be most effective in guiding you toward wellness and inner transformation.


Embracing the profound world of astrology since 2017, I've dedicated myself to understanding and applying this ancient art. Through years of diligent study and practice, I've cultivated the expertise necessary to offer psychological astrological guidance and wisdom to those in search of profound insights.

On a personal level, I've experienced the transformative power of astrology and have found ways to incorporate its power into my daily life and while weighing larger life decisions. It has enabled me to embrace and heal my weaknesses, harness the potential of my strengths, and deepen my relationship to myself, others, and Divine.

In a natal/birth chart reading, we'll journey into your unique cosmic blueprint, a snapshot of the cosmos at the moment of your birth. Together, we'll explore the intricacies of your individuality, examine your challenges from various angles, and craft tailored solutions that leverage your innate strengths and talents. We'll celebrate your achievements and equip you with the resilience to overcome any obstacles on your soul's evolutionary path.

With a horoscope reading, we'll delve into the profound connection between your natal energy and the current cosmic tapestry. My goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to identify opportunities, conquer challenges, and harness the full potential of auspicious cosmic energies.

As the wise astrologer Jessica Alexandria reminds us, energy simply 'is.' It's neither inherently good nor bad; instead, it's something we can align with or navigate against. My role is to guide you in harmonizing with your cosmic energy and seamlessly integrating the current celestial forecast into your daily life, fostering healing, growth, and success.

Join me on a transformative journey toward a deeper understanding of yourself and the cosmos. Together, we'll unlock the wisdom the stars have to offer.

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