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Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a Japanese healing & relaxation modality that helps you recognize energy blockages, release them & replace them with new energy. Reiki helps you connect to your higher power & guides.

Reiki addresses physical, mental, emotional & spiritual aspects parts of yourself  & integrates your energy. 


Great for: deep relaxation & recharging from life's stressors, discovering the root cause of pain, removing other peoples energy from yours, quieting the mind while opening the heart. 

My style is influenced by herbal & animal wisdom. Sessions are unique & vary based on your needs, healing goals & what will most effective.

Reiki Benefits

  • clearing & replacing energy​

  • connecting to your divine guides

  • improving self-esteem & self-love

  • pain relief  

  • disease management

  • cutting cords to other people & events

  • supplementing Western therapy

Absolutely the best massage I have ever had. I loved the use of hot towels during the massage.


Jennifer C.

Michaela was really lovely. Very sweet, professional and empathetic. I could tell it was important for her not to just give a service but provide an entire relaxing and healing experience. She checked in a lot to make sure i was okay and asked a lot of questions. She even offered to give me referrals for other massage therapists in case she hadn’t been my exact style or needs. Even after one session I saw improvement in my back pain, which is what I had gone in for. Will definitely be going back.

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