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Cupping Vacuum Therapy 

  60 minutes $85

  90 minutes $125

120 minutes $170

Abdominal $50

Face & Neck Lift $50

Body Contour $60-200

Custom Treatments $50-200

Custom Pre/Post Surgery $100-400

Vacuum pressure lifts your skin & the tissues below, releasing knots & tension, reducing cellulite, promoting circulation & clearing stagnation. Cupping has the aesthetic effects of lifting & firming skin which is especially noticeable on the neck & face. Beneath the surface, your body is better able to self-heal & regulate after a cupping session.

Cupping feels gentle but is deeply effective! Suitable for almost all conditions & health goals. Request silicone sport cups during your next massage for an intuitive introduction before trying medical cupping equipment & protocols. Schedule a free phone consultation if you'd like to learn more.

Cupping Heals & Improves

  • Skin strength & appearance

  • Digestion

  • Pain in joints & muscles

  • Pain in nervous system

  • Immune & lymphatic systems 

  • Athletic recovery

  • Reproductive health

  • Surgery preparation & recovery

  • Post cancer recovery from radiation, chemotherapy & surgeries

  • Frozen shoulder & limited range of motion

  • Aids cleanses

  • Removes toxins & cellular waste

  • General wellness & more!

Cupping therapy is thousands of years old and found in several cultures including Egyptian, South American & Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

My approach is holistic, medical & intuitive. You will feel rejuvenated! 

Absolutely the best massage I have ever had. I loved the use of hot towels during the massage.


Jennifer C.

Michaela was really lovely. Very sweet, professional and empathetic. I could tell it was important for her not to just give a service but provide an entire relaxing and healing experience. She checked in a lot to make sure i was okay and asked a lot of questions. She even offered to give me referrals for other massage therapists in case she hadn’t been my exact style or needs. Even after one session I saw improvement in my back pain, which is what I had gone in for. Will definitely be going back.

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