Holistic Cosmic Therapy

 1 hour Sessions  $122


Natal/Birth Chart Reading

Solar Return/Birthday Chart Reading

I have been studying Astrology since 2017. I am fascinated how Astrology is connected to numerology, tarot, herbalism, psychological archetypes and myths.

I love interweaving cosmic-psychological lessons in a playful way that makes it easy to apply this wisdom in my daily life.

Personally, Astrology has helped me deeply connect to my higher power/Divine, work through hardship and challenges, tap into my strengths and improve my weaknesses, improve my relationships, and plan events and spiritual/magical healing.

Astrology Benefits

  • Setting goals & intentions

  • Shadow integration

  • Relationship analysis & healing

  • Personal development

  • Career growth 

  • Planning travel & purchases

  • Making big decisions (moving, marriage, education, career)

  • Deeper understanding of your energy centers/chakras

  •  Processing trauma

  • Work with planetary magic through color, crystals, activities, and other things you already do!

Absolutely the best massage I have ever had. I loved the use of hot towels during the massage.


Sam B.

She has a gift for explaining complex things in a simple, digestible way. She’s kind, understanding, and so warm and easy to talk to. Her readings are spot on, and so in depth while providing a beautifully framed approach to my chart, to transits impacting what I’ve experienced or felt, and makes deliberate and welcoming space for questions and experience. Easily one of the best readings I’ve ever had, and I’m a repeat client of hers any day. Please, get a reading from her. It’ll change your life!